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Why implement a pilot program for desktop virtualization? Why now?


Many analysts and experts are saying that 2010 is the year that companies will test drive desktop virtualization. Many will implement a pilot project to get started. Why is a pilot implementation so important?  This learning session will help you understand how a desktop virtualization pilot works, how to select the right user group, why it’s critical to the success of a full desktop virtualization implementation; and what you need to consider before getting started.


Michael Fox Consultant and author

Michael Fox is a network architect, consultant and author, specializing in desktop virtualization. He holds senior technical advisory positions with virtual desktop hosting providers IVDesk and tuCloud, is the primary author of the forthcoming book “Demystifying the Virtual Desktop”. He also actively consults with large public, private, government and educational organizations interested in virtual desktop technologies.

Dell, Inc. and Intel®
08 Jul 2010

This resource is no longer available.