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Beyond the Data Warehouse: A Unified Information Store for Data and Content


Experienced business users are demanding an integrated view of unstructured content -- or, as Dr. Barry Devlin calls it, "soft" information - with the harder data already available to them in the warehouse. While soft information on its own does have value, the real business advantage comes from exploring the entire set of hard and soft information free from the limitations of the pervasive, predefined data structures of hard information.

Hear how a unified information store can provide the platform for deeper insight and examination by bringing together data and content from diverse sources, without losing either the relationships so valued in the database realm or the context and nuances so important in content. And, of course, there is a requirement for sophisticated yet flexible querying, which means both SQL and the fuzzy search queries that deliver the Google experience online.

In this interactive webinar, Dr. Devlin, one of the foremost authorities on business insight and data warehousing, and Sid Probstein, CTO of Attivio, will first show data and content as two ends of a continuum of the same business information asset and then explore the depth of integration required for full business value.


Dr. Barry Devlin Principal, 9sight Consulting

Dr. Barry Devlin is among the foremost authorities in the world on business insight and data warehousing. He is a widely respected consultant and lecturer and author of the comprehensive book Data Warehouse: From Architecture to Implementation. Barry has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years. He is now founder and principal of 9sight Consulting, specializing in the human, organizational and IT implications and design of deep business insight solutions.

Sid Probstein CTO, Attivio

Sid has over 15 years of experience in managing R&D organizations and delivering high-value enterprise software and solutions. Previously, he was VP of Technology in the Office of the CTO at Fast Search & Transfer and prior to that was VP of Engineering at Northern Light Technology. He also served as Director of Software Engineering at Freemark Communications, and was the youngest person to hold the title of System Manager at John Hancock Financial Services.

Attivio, Inc.
Jul 21, 2010, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.