Future-Proofing the Core, the Distribution Layer, and the Wiring Closet of Enterprise Networks

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There was a marketing slogan a while back: The Network is the Computer. Well times have changed and these days a more accurate statement would be: The Network is the Business. Take away the network – even for a short period of time – and business operations come to a grinding halt, impacting sales, morale, brand and reputation. Performance issues can have a similar impact. While performance problems don't disconnect your network/productivity hose as in a complete but relatively short-lived outage, they can step on it for an extended period of time before the issues are diagnosed and a solution applied.

With so much riding on the availability and performance of the network, businesses of all sizes need a robust, reliable infrastructure that eliminates downtime and is highly redundant, efficient, scalable, modular and flexible to handle the challenges of ever-increasing bandwidth.

If your organization is increasing its use of virtualization, or if it is consolidating its data center, or if it is relying more on latency-sensitive applications – think streaming video content, IP Surveillance or VoIP – you definitely need to look hard at performance and quality management capabilities.

Read this whitepaper to learn what you should look for in a solution and how to choose the proper vendor for you.

Feb 8, 2021
Jun 15, 2010
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