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Getting Started on an Energy Efficient Data Center


Lack of available power along with the energy expenses associated with IT equipment and cooling infrastructure have heightened the requirement for data center energy efficiency initiatives. Join Andy Lawrence, Research Director, at The 451Group and Michael Rowan, Viridity Software's co-founder and CTO, as they discuss the data center energy problem and how data center, IT, and facility managers can get started making their data centers more energy efficient. Michael Rowan will also demo Viridity's EnergyCenter™ software.


Mike Rowan Co-Founder and CTO, Viridity Software

Mike Rowan is the co-founder and CTO of Viridity Software. He is a software executive with a long history of creating and operating businesses in the high availability and storage sectors. He was the founder and CTO of Revivio (acquired by Symantec), StorageCom (acquired by Vyant Technologies, then Mendocino Software), and a partner at CLaM Associates (acquired by Lakeview Technologies).

Andy Lawrence Research Director for Eco-Efficient IT at The 451 Group

Andy Lawrence leads the eco-efficient IT research practice at The 451 Group, a New York based analyst firm. His team focuses on how IT and business can monitor and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Andy also covers datacenter resource efficiency projects and is the program director for the Uptime Symposium on Datacenter Efficiency and Green Enterprise IT. Andy is the author of several major reports covering Eco-efficient IT, power management, policy, legislation and compliance; and datacenter management and energy efficiency software. Before joining The 451 Group to focus on eco-effciency, Andy was a technology editor and publisher, founding his own publishing company and launching several influential magazines and information services.

Viridity Software
Jun 8, 2010

This resource is no longer available.