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Fear the Cloud? Migration Pros and Cons


Organizations need to able to quickly recover failed servers and their data in the event of an outage. Deploying a server recovery solution can save a company tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and lost business. Given the many types of on-premises and off-premise services that backup data and recover servers, many IT pros don’t know where to begin.

This live chat on June 29th from 1-3 pm EST provides an exclusive opportunity to get your questions answered directly from our industry experts – including Lauren Whitehouse, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Get tips on how to improve your ability to recover in any type of loss or disaster while keeping your budget in check and gain insight into:

  • Data protection requirements
  • Cloud vs on-premises comparison
  • Considerations for selecting a service provider
  • Results from’s 2010 Purchasing Intentions Survey

This live chat is hosted within an interactive environment. Attend and gain access to other webcast and white papers to help you structure your data protection strategy.

Iron Mountain
04 Jun 2010
04 Jun 2010
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This resource is no longer available.