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Xiotech Emprise 5000 and Citrix XenServer 5.5.0


Xiotech's Emprise 5000 system is a revolutionary concept in data storage. It is built on patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology and provides a perfectly balanced building block of performance, reliability, and scalability that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership of any SAN or SAN-like storage system on the market.

What do you get with Emprise 5000?

  • Flexible storage building block – attach one directly to a server or many via a switch
  • More IOPS, important for database and Web serving applications
  • Greater throughput for applications like data warehousing and decision support
  • Dense capacity – use 30% less of your data center for the same amount of storage
  • Linear scaling of both performance and capacity – multiply your IOPS, MBps, Gbps, and TB simply by plugging additional systems into a switch
  • Better scaling for all applications at all times with less trouble
  • More than 100x the reliability of traditional disk drives - never replace a drive again
  • Minimal attention needed from experts and tuning from administrators
  • Lowest capital and operating costs in the industry
  • Reduced power and cooling costs through automated shut-down and power-up capabilities of PowerNAP™

Read on to take a closer look at these features.

Xiotech Corporation
03 Jun 2010
03 Jun 2010
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This resource is no longer available.