Global Trends in Sustainability Performance Management

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Companies are facing growing pressure - from within and without - to tell the world how their actions affect society and the environment. Once only a concern for a few niche-market firms with sustainability as a core value and brand differentiator, sustainability reporting is now moving decidedly into the mainstream. The greatest pressure, at least externally, is coming from national regulators in the countries where firms operate. But pressure is also coming from stakeholders - shareholders, employees and business partners - and, increasingly, from the companies themselves as they struggle to successfully combine performance and purpose in the post-recession world.

This paper will present an overview of the changing landscape as companies develop practices and processes to measure their performance as sustainable enterprises. It will examine the complex new drivers of sustainability reporting, both internal and external, as well as the rapidly changing legislative environment that will make reporting mandatory, not voluntary.

SAP America, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 1, 2010
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