Beyond the Data Warehouse: A Unified Information Store (UIS) for Data and Content

Beyond the Data Warehouse: A Unified Information Store (UIS) for Data and Content


The worlds of data and content are on a collision course! Data has long been the major investment of IT but thanks to the benefits of Web 2.0 and the “Google experience” content is emerging as a serious contender.

Based on over twenty years of information architecture experience from data warehousing, this paper first shows data and content as two ends of a continuum of the same business information asset and explores the depth of integration required for full business value.

This paper then defines a unified information store (UIS) architecture as the approach to unification. The heart of this store is a core set of business information, indexes and metadata, originating from up front enterprise modeling and text analytics of information when loaded and at the point of use, which ensure both data quality and agility. The business outcome is analytics that combine the precision of data querying with the relevance of content search, independent of the information source and structure.

Continue reading this paper to learn how after all these years’ data and content are uniting and moving beyond the data warehouse and how a UIS architecture can help with the unification process.

Attivio, Inc.
28 May 2010
27 May 2010
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