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Simplifying the SMB IT Experience - Dell Expands Data Center Options


Like the larger enterprise, the SMB has the same requirements to remove complexity from the IT environment, to simplify the IT process, to reduce downtime, to enable the data center staff to employ consolidation and virtualization features within a smaller footprint, and to enhance information security. To accomplish this, the SMB data center needs the latest compact server technology to consolidate and virtualize their application environment, the most efficient shared storage and networking to support the mission- and business-critical applications, and fully-integrated management services to ensure ease-of-use.


One answer may be from the same company sitting that makes your desktop PC. Dell has a full line of the latest sever and storage hardware and software to enable you to consolidate and virtualize your environment, control your costs, and satisfy all of your IT needs. To learn more about the newest line of single- and dual-socket servers and storage in the Dell lineup, please read on.


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12 May 2010
29 Sep 2009
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This resource is no longer available.