The Critical Role of Text Analytics in the BI Ecosystem

The Critical Role of Text Analytics in the BI Ecosystem


A vast amount of business-relevant information is in the form of text, locked in emails, documents, blogs, and forums. Integrating this mother lode of textual information into modern analytics applications is a growing challenge for many enterprises.

Join Sybase, Seth Grimes and Kapow on Tuesday, June 15th at 1:00 PM ET to learn why and how enterprises are motivated to deploy text analytics capabilities for research, e-discovery, customer service, fraud detection, and competitive intelligence. By viewing this webcast you will understand:

  • Why unstructured data represents a significant opportunity
  • What value text analytics is demonstrating in typical use cases
  • How to integrate text analytics technology and solutions within the BI/analytics ecosystem
  • Which technologies are required for integrating structured and unstructured analytics
  • How to get started - a basic roadmap


Seth Grimes Business Intelligence and Decision Systems Expert
Seth is a business intelligence and decision systems expert. He is founding chair of the Text Analytics Summit and principal consultant at Washington, D.C., based Alta Plana Corporation. Seth consults, writes, and speaks on information-systems strategy, data management and analysis systems, IT industry trends, and emerging analytical technologies.
Kapow Technologies

Kapow Technologies is a market-leading provider of technologies for accessing, enriching, and serving noise-free web data for use by enterprises in BI and analytics applications. Kapow has recently partnered with Sybase to leverage the power of Sybase IQ – the first column-based analytics server to incorporate text analytics capabilities in its core feature set.

Sybase, an SAP company
Jun 15, 2010, 13:00 EDT (17:00 GMT)
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