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ArcSight Case Study: Experian


Experian is committed to ensuring the integrity and safety of its data. The company sought an enterprise solution that would allow it to monitor threats and vulnerabilities in an automated fashion. Systems administrators were responsible for managing and monitoring their individual logs or security events, even though that was not their primary role. Experian understood that those critical security functions had to be integrated and managed in a central location.

ArcSight ESM enables Experian to monitor and analyze security event data from all its systems within a single view. The organization can now do behavior and pattern analysis across all its systems, a practice which has fundamentally shifted the paradigm of how they approach security. "ArcSight ESM actually brings intelligence to log management, allowing us to do much more than we imagined - and with a much smaller team than we anticipated," says Tom Jacobsen, Director of the Global Security Operations Center at Experian.

Read this case study to learn more about the features and business benefits of this ArcSight security solution.

ArcSight, an HP Company
11 May 2010
11 May 2010
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Case Study

This resource is no longer available.