Control IM, P2P and Streaming Applications

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Blue Coat’s secure Web gateway solution provides network administrators with the tools to control Internet applications, such as IM, P2P and streaming applications. Deployed between internal users and external applications, such as IM datacenters, ProxySG intercepts all outbound and inbound communications. For IM, all sessions can be transparently rerouted to ProxySG where users can be authenticated and granular usage policies can be applied. In addition, chat sessions can be logged to comply with industry or government regulations for recording all electronic communication. For P2P, ProxySG provides similar controls, including the ability to monitor and report on bandwidth usage to ascertain the impact these applications are having on the network, as well as enforcing bandwidth controls to prevent these services from using a disproportionate share of the total bandwidth. Finally, Blue Coat ProxySG allows for granular control of streaming content – from blocking to caching for acceleration. Blue Coat’s ProxySG gives IT department flexible control over the use of IM, P2P and streaming applications on their networks.

Feb 8, 2021
May 11, 2010
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