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Optimizing and Managing the Dynamic Enterprise Network


Today, as more applications and IT functions converge on the network infrastructure, user expectations are higher than ever. The advent of cloud computing and virtualization demands a solid yet flexible network that can instantly adjust to changing conditions. Unfortunately, many IT departments today find themselves facing this technology challenge with lean networking teams and low budgets. That makes choosing the right network management and optimization tools critical.

In this free, one-day virtual seminar our experts will cover how to rethink your management strategy and implement techniques that allow networking teams to understand performance, make the most of the infrastructure, and offload low-level tasks so that they can focus on improving performance and making progress.

Attend and gain insight on how to:

  • Manage your network in the age of the dynamic network
  • Ensure application performance on the WAN
  • Use network automation to make your network more cost-effective, reliable, and flexible
  • And much more!

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07 May 2010
Jun 23, 2010, 09:30 EDT (13:30 GMT)
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This resource is no longer available.