Detect and Survive

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The ability to detect complex cases of computer misuse within an organization is vital to the continuing survival of a company. In order to eradicate threats, a corporate CERT team needs highly sophisticated tools at its disposal, and the skills to use them. Traditional disk examination software and automated scanners have a part to play, but the future lies in the ability to scan the entire network in-depth, and then perform forensic analysis on the results.

In this white paper Robert Schifreen, UK-based IT Security Consultant and author of “Defeating the Hacker”, discusses why the need to forensically examine the network is an increasingly vital tool for modern companies; not just law enforcement and criminal investigation specialists. He also analyzes leading providers of this technology, including EnCase Cybersecurity, which is developed by the company behind the current leading forensic software.

Guidance Software, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 15, 2010
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