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Innovation, People, and Processes:  How Three Global Innovators are Bringing Winning Products to Market 


This IDC White Paper addresses a key challenge for most organizations - the need to improve innovation. IDC turned to three very different global corporations for their approaches: a manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods, a manufacturer in the oil and gas industry, and a medical devices manufacturer. IDC wanted to explore in depth how each of these companies improves innovation - in particular, how they manage new ideas, marketing innovation, projects, and resources for product development and introduction.

All three companies are relying on the same platform for their success - project and portfolio management (PPM) for new product development and introduction (NPDI) via CA Clarity for NPD.

With their implementations, our respondents focused on business activities that are key to their companies’ success. Success in these areas could then serve as incentive to expand PPM usage into other groups and divisions.

The experiences of our interviewees highlighted several benefits:

  • The ability to manage and control the selection of new products, product extensions, and product modifications with the highest revenue potential
  • The development and execution of the most efficient production and marketing processes
  • The visibility and control of high-level corporate-wide efforts for product planning and management
  • Process documentation and data storage in one comprehensive and standardized repository, whereby users can leverage knowledge gained from previous endeavors to reduce project risk and failures

Read this white paper to learn more about the benefits of using project and portfolio management for new product development and introduction.

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31 Mar 2010
01 Sep 2009
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This resource is no longer available.