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CA Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) - Project HealthCheck (CA commissioned market research)


Every business undertakes projects of some sort and project management as a discipline underpins much economic activity in both the UK and worldwide. With the UK in the grip of a major downturn, the importance of effective project management in helping companies navigate choppy economic waters is once again highlighted as companies zero in on those projects that deliver the most value.

Many businesses are grappling with a greater number and complexity of projects than ever before, and with the economy putting companies under additional pressure, the need for greater discipline and visibility into what is actually happening with IT projects across the business has become increasingly urgent. Against this backdrop, many executive teams are turning to PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) software to better capture, manage and prioritise project investments.

The Project HealthCheck Survey 2010 explores the current project panorama in UK corporate businesses, comparing levels of project management maturity and priorities between users and non-users of PPM systems. It uncovers a major divide in the effectiveness and maturity of project management approaches that, if left to widen further, threatens to fundamentally weaken some IT departments at a time when they need to be at their strongest. Read this independent research study, undertaken and conducted by Loudhouse Research on behalf of CA, to gain a greater appreciation for the importance of project and portfolio management.

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31 Mar 2010
01 Feb 2010
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This resource is no longer available.