PODCAST: Defend IT, Delight Users and Launch BSM with Network and User Service Alignment

PODCAST: Defend IT, Delight Users and Launch BSM with Network and User Service Alignment


How can you ensure that the performance level of your organization’s end-user applications meets the needs of your customers? With today’s web-driven business focus, IT applications represent the foundation of your entire business.

User service alignment ensures that IT is proactively monitoring the availability and performance of your end user experience across the entire IT enterprise. Through this podcast, learn about:

  • The business imperative for User Service Alignment
  • The limitations of traditional network monitoring tools
  • The link between user service alignment and application performance management
  • Why User Service Alignment is the natural starting point for achieving true BSM


Jim Frey Research Director, Network Management

Jim has 22 years of experience in the computing industry developing, deploying,
managing, and marketing software and hardware products, with the last 16 of those
years spent in network management, straddling both enterprise and service provider
sectors. At Enterprise Management Associates, Jim is responsible for the Network
Management practice area.

Steve Leverett Senior Product Manager, ASG Software Solutions

Steve Leverett is a senior product manager at ASG Software Solutions where he is responsible for ASG’s distributed performance monitoring products and several key BSM initiatives. Steve is an IT veteran, with over 30 years of experience from the earliest days of Automated Operations and Data Centers as a MVS Systems Programmer in Project Management at AT&T, through a decade of distributed computing roles with Candle Corporation and finally to his current role at ASG.  

ASG Software Solutions
25 Mar 2010
Mar 25, 2010
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