Presentation Transcript: Building a Comprehensive Notes/Domino Archiving Strategy

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Archiving content is a good policy for organizations that want to keep compliant, mitigate legal risks and be able to tap into the knowledge collected in Lotus Notes/Domino. When we think of archiving Notes/Domino we tend to only consider email; however it also contains valuable records in the collaborative applications deployed on the system.

Does your company have a comprehensive strategy that covers all information collected in Notes/Domino? This presentation transcript of the "Building a Comprehensive Notes/Domino Archiving Strategy" webcast will look into reasons for archiving Notes/Domino content (including email and applications), the current archiving tool trends, best practices for archiving Notes/Domino content and how to define a strategy that will best fit your organization's archiving needs.

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Feb 8, 2021
Mar 25, 2010
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