ROI Case Study: Intacct Emergent Game Technologies

ROI Case Study: Intacct Emergent Game Technologies


Emergent Game Technologies develops tools and technologies required to build, test, manage, and expand interactive games. Its engine is designed for use with every major interactive game platform, from its roots in PC games to next-generation platforms such as PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii.

Emergent needed an accounting application that would enable it to reconcile multiple currencies across its multiple subsidiaries, reduce manual data entry and monthly consolidation processes, and streamline revenue management. Emergent then began searching for a software-as-a-service solution to this problem. Emergent chose Intacct because:

  • The application had robust financial management functionality, and could support multi-currency and multi-entity accounting, as well as financial consolidation.
  • Emergent liked the on-demand model because it meant not having to maintain servers or other IT resources.
  • Intacct was cost competitive.
  • The application was user friendly and required minimal training and support.

In this case study you will learn more about the reasons Emergent chose intacct as their financial management solution and all the benefits they experienced from switching to a SaaS solution.

Intacct Corporation
22 Mar 2010
22 Mar 2010
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