Presentation Transcript: Conquering Your Top 5 Virtualization Management Headaches

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Virtualized environments are taking data centers by storm. However, as virtualization continues to exponentially increase, it introduces several new management challenges that can disrupt your data center environment. Discover how you can meet virtualization management challenges and minimize data center disruptions. Learn how to use the following strategies to address your top 5 virtualization management challenges:

  • Eliminate tool and process disruptions by holistically monitoring your entire infrastructure
  • Manage virtual servers with tools that automatically discover and inventory all of your virtual and physical components
  • Monitor network stress in your IT environment
  • Automatically and consistently group and manage services, prevent service disruption, and report on service levels
  • Monitor resource performance and availability, including applications, databases, and Web servers, whether they reside in your data center or the cloud
Zenoss, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 18, 2010
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