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Server and Application Protection - Behind the Lines


Cyber attacks can bypass or penetrate even top-of-the-line perimeter security, and it’s increasingly recognized as a security best practice to provide server and application protection to detect and prevent these attacks as an integral part of a defense-in-depth strategy. A comprehensive server and application protection system will include: firewall, IDS/IPS, integrity monitoring, and log inspection technologies that enable systems to become self-defending. Driven by the growing awareness of targeted attacks and the insider threat—as well as by virtualization security concerns and pressures from PCI and other regulations and standards, and by high-profile security breaches—many organizations now actively evaluate the merits of investing in a server and application protection system to complement their existing IT security systems.


For organizations evaluating the benefits of server and application protection systems and making a case for incorporating them into the IT infrastructure, Trend Micro recommends examining nine different areas of business interest. This white paper details these topics and examines Trend Micro server and application protection software that enables systems to become self-defending.

Trend Micro
17 Mar 2010
01 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.