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Configuring and Using IBM i's Auditing Functions


Did you know that IBM i includes powerful auditing features? In fact, our own class-leading audit reporting solution leverages the information captured by this facility. Join this webinar-based on content presented at the 2009 COMMON conference-to learn about activating and configuring IBM i's built-in auditing capabilities.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Security audit journal
  • Audit data management
  • Configuring the audit system values
  • A user profile's *AUDIT special authority
  • Object auditing
  • User auditing
  • Basic reporting capabilities
  • Advanced reporting options

You'll also learn about what system auditing does NOT capture, and how to prevent it from causing you to fail an audit.


Robin Tatam Director of Security Technologies, PowerTech

Robin Tatam is the Director of Security Technologies for PowerTech, a leading provider of security solutions for the System i. As a frequent speaker on security topics, he was also co-author of the Redbook IBM System i Security: Protecting i5/OS Data with Encryption. Robin can be reached by email at

Jill Martin Technical Services Manager, PowerTech

Jill Martin is Technical Services Manager with the PowerTech Group, and brings a strong IBM i background to a security discussion. Jill has worked in a number of roles in the industry including a Help/Systems technical trainer, sales account manager, and most recently as a key member of the security team. Contact Jill at

Mar 3, 2010

This resource is no longer available.