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Combat Cybercrime, Demonstrate Compliance and Streamline IT Operations


Digital fingerprints are generated by employees, customers, contractors, partners or even intruders as they use enterprise systems, databases, websites, applications and physical security infrastructure. These digital fingerprints, commonly known as events or logs, can be used in:

  • Combating cybercrime by allowing unified analysis across all types of data for forensic investigations
  • Demonstrating regulatory compliance through audit-quality data collection and storage
  • Streamlining IT operations by enabling investigation of operations data required for change management, network management and application management

Despite these tangible benefits of log management, organizations continue to struggle with the volume and usage of log data for ongoing operations. To date, no single solution has addressed the differing needs of security, compliance audit and IT operations teams. Multiple products are typically deployed in an organization to handle each area, resulting in fragmented analysis, IT overspending and increased business risk. This whitepaper discusses the requirements for a universal log management solution and specifically describes how ArcSight Logger 4 delivers on those requirements. A recent cyberespionage incident at Boeing Corporation is highlighted as an example.

ArcSight, an HP Company
02 Mar 2010
02 Mar 2010
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This resource is no longer available.