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Using Microsoft Active Directory to Address Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Requirements in Heterogeneous Environments


The Security Standards Council of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) owns and maintains the Data Security Standard (DSS), which is a rigorous set of requirements that all merchants, payment processors, point-of-sale vendors, and financial institutions must follow. The stiff penalties defined by PCI members are designed to ensure that all merchants and service providers work to maintain consumer trust of payment cards since that loss would impact the revenues of all merchants and financial institutions.

This white paper examines the compelling business and technical case for centralizing administration in Microsoft’s Active Directory, using Centrify’s DirectControl to extend Active Directory authentication and access control to your UNIX, Linux and Mac OS systems and applications, and using Centrify’s DirectAudit to log user activity to provide you a clear picture of end user actions on all UNIX and Linux systems. Combined, Active Directory, DirectControl and DirectAudit provide a comprehensive solution to address specific PCI DSS requirements.

Centrify Corporation
18 Feb 2010
18 Feb 2010
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This resource is no longer available.