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New Contact Center Megatrends and How to Ride them: The Contact Center Executive’s Guide to Career Success in Turbulent Times


These are interesting times for contact center executives. As the rise of the internet (and no, mobile internet) and social networks collide with forces of globalization, contact centers find themselves in the eye of the storm. They are buffeted by powerful winds of change, ranging from dramatic migration of most phone business to the Web in some industries (almost 80% of retail trades are now conducted over the web in brokerage firms) to the high-profile outsourcing of agent positions to low-cost countries. To add to it, CxOs are redefining expectations from their contact center operations as they seek to build a competitive advantage through distinctive customer service.

Taking a passive stance is like trying to ignore a tsunami. Megatrends are not fads; they won’t go away after a while. The trick is to embrace change and stay ahead of these trends instead of getting swept away. This paper aims to make it a little easier to embrace these changes by discussing what the seven megatrends of transforming contact centers today. Read on to learn more about these trends and learn some proven ways of how to benefit from them.

eGain Communications Corp.
17 Feb 2010
17 Feb 2010
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This resource is no longer available.