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Three Easy Ways to Achieve and Understand WAN Acceleration with TCP Applications


Long gone are the days where work ends at 5:00pm, or that, in order to access a client file while on the road, you had to pull out a physical file folder from your briefcase.

The name of the game these days is mobility and accessibility. CIOs and other decision makers want to achieve worker productivity by giving employees the tools they need anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, those who make these promises sometimes don’t ask for your opinion first, and you are now tasked to make it happen.

Software developers write code to power applications that drive today’s businesses. Whether you are looking at ubiquitous applications such as Microsoft Word or your own in-house software, chances are that they are not very WAN-friendly. There may be different reasons for this, but most programmers do not take networks into consideration when writing code, which ends up creating very “chatty” applications.

That being said, the focus of this paper is to highlight the TCP protocol’s shortcomings for WAN transmission purposes. Let’s look at your options and what you can do to address those challenges.

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12 Feb 2010
12 Feb 2010
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This resource is no longer available.