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D2D2T Backup Architectures and the Impact of Data De-duplication


No one technology by itself solves all the challenges for backup and recovery at every point in the data lifecycle. Different access and retention requirements, as well as cost considerations, can usually be satisfied with a multi-tier storage solution. By leveraging the strengths and benefits of a number of different integrated technologies, it is possible to fulfill these different requirements while lowering the overall TCO.

D2D2T backup systems have proven their ability to provide the necessary combination of speed and reliability along with short- and long-term retention. With the addition of de-duplicated disk-based backup systems, the benefits of D2D2T have been enhanced. More effective disk capacity provides better short-term to medium-term retention, while reducing the amount of tape needed for long-term retention, by making remote replication a viable option for a distributed enterprise.

Achieving a balance between performance and cost is a matter of implementing each technology appropriately in the data protection lifecycle. De-duplication is a key technology that is bridging the gap between conventional disk and tape, bringing better balance between accessibility and retention, while improving TCO.

Quantum Corporation
03 Feb 2010
01 May 2008
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This resource is no longer available.