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Customer Satisfaction with Email Archiving Systems


Email archiving is rapidly becoming a critical best practice for organizations of all sizes and across all industries for two fundamental reasons:

  • Email is increasingly used to send and receive purchase orders, contracts, proposals and other important documents which means that a growing proportion of most organizations’ business records are stored in email systems. Because e-discovery and regulatory obligations require organizations to access their business records, an email archiving system is an important tool to enable organizations to access these records quickly, easily and inexpensively from their email system.
  • The typical corporate email user sends and receives in excess of 30,000 emails each year. Because of the significant volume of email stored on servers, coupled with increasing use of email and growing attachment sizes, email storage is becoming very difficult to manage.

This white paper was produced to compare Sunbelt Exchange Archiver (SEA) with a cross-section of other email archiving offerings. Osterman Research conducted a primary survey specifically for this white paper, surveying organizations about a variety of archiving systems. The purpose of this research was simply to understand the level of satisfaction that customers of SEA and other archiving offerings report on a variety of metrics related to archiving system and vendor performance. Our goal was to provide a point of comparison between SEA and other offerings in order to help decision makers in their archiving system evaluation process.

Sunbelt Software
29 Jan 2010
29 Jan 2010
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This resource is no longer available.