Presentation Transcript: Leveraging Your Most Valued Asset: Knowledge

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It is often said that the most valuable asset an organization has is its "people." Other more customer driven organizations will answer "customers." Research heavy organizations may answer that "IP" is most important. The common element that all of these answers share is "knowledge." Knowledge comes in many forms including: from customer interactions, from current and past employees, from outside consultants and reports.

Organizations continually generate and save knowledge. It's the lifeblood for R&D, Customer Care, Sales and Marketing and every other department in an organization. Unfortunately, a majority of this knowledge is rendered useless because oftentimes the people who need it most either do not know that it exists or cannot locate it in a timely manner. Many employees find it easier to create duplicate content than leverage the knowledge that already exists. This often leads to wasted resources, duplication of past mistakes, lower customer satisfaction and overall inefficiency in critical decision making.

An organization's knowledge can be a competitive differentiator and should be treated as a strategic corporate asset. In this presentation transcript, Bruce Richardson, Chief Research Analyst of AMR Research and Kevin Calderwood, President of Vivisimo, will explore the issues that prevent most companies from exposing and utilizing the true value of their information. They will also discuss several case studies where organizations have been able to gain significant value from being able to access their knowledge in real-time across siloed information repositories throughout their global offices.

Vivisimo, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 29, 2010
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