Presentation Transcript: Virtualization 101 - Part 1 Virtualization Overview

Presentation Transcript: Virtualization 101 - Part 1 Virtualization Overview


Virtualization is the building block for utility computing, enabling technology that makes IT utilities, or clouds, affordable and available for organizations of all sizes. This presentation transcript discusses the benefits of virtualization and gives an overview of IT architecture needed to support a virtualized environment. Gain insight to the differences between a physical and virtual environment in regards to deployment, high availability, disaster recovery and more.


David Payne Senor Payne at Payne, Inc. Someone once said “computers are stupid but fast, and humans are slow but smart”. Dave Payne agrees and has adopted the mission of helping humans accentuate the effectiveness of their intelligence with great technology. He is a proven technologist and entrepreneur as well as author and public speaker. His technical proficiency revolves around IT infrastructure & virtualization, how it works, how companies can get benefit from it, and how to market and sell it. He has developed this expertise through years of consulting with large enterprises across the USA. Dave also founded, grew over 7 years and sold Xcedex, one of the first virtualization services companies. At Xcedex, Dave led the effort to transition a successful consulting methodology into a commercial software solution. He also coauthored “Scripting VMware: Power Tools for Automating Virtual Infrastructure Administration", is regularly quoted in technology publications and sought out to speak at events and seminars. Look for more on Dave’s continued work and an upcoming book at
Dell and VMware
25 Jan 2010
25 Nov 2009
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