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MES Harmonization in a Multi-Site, Multi-Country and Multi-Cultural Environment: Case Study of a Plant to Enterprise Solution


Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals wanted to create an adequate uniform environment for all plants to be able to improve harmonization of plant information, create on-way-of-working on production accounting and engage better opportunities for plant performance benchmarking.

Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals turned to Atos Origin to create an MES system that would mainly focus on acquiring plant information, creating possibilities for plant performance benchmarking and harmonizing the plant IT infrastructure.

This white paper portrays a case study of the MES harmonization program that started in 2004 at Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals in Europe. Along with a portrayal of the currently running MES harmonization program, this paper will also give insights in the bumpy road to reach the objectives, problems that were experienced and how they were solved. It will give an impression on lessons learned, benefits reached and objectives still to achieve. Finally, it will also give an overview of conclusions that can already be drawn and last but not least: new opportunities that were found.

Atos Origin
15 Jan 2010
15 Jan 2010
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Case Study

This resource is no longer available.