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How Barclays Global Investors Centralized Development and Got Compliant--FAST!


If you had to get all of your source code into a single repository within 12 months to comply with regulations, could you do it? Barclays Global Investors (BGI) had just this problem, and they had to solve it quickly. Imagine the situation... A government regulatory committee mandates that you have one year to get all of your source code into a single repository (you cannot miss the deadline). You have already decided to move away from your current solution, which no longer fits your development needs (there is no going back). You try a new solution, but it becomes obvious that it won't be ready in time to meet the regulatory deadline (you can't keep doing what you're doing). What would you do?


With the clock ticking against centralizing development assets to satisfy a government mandate, two version control systems that did not fit the bill, and a range of development teams and practices to support, BGI turned to CollabNet for application lifecycle management (ALM). Join Brian Roberson, Barclays' Head of Release Management to hear how BGI used CollabNet's ALM platform to meet their aggressive government deadline, centralize development assets, and implement a long-term strategy for application lifecycle management that has continued to power BGI's global development environment for eight years.


Brian Roberson Principal, Head of Release Management, Barclays Global Investors Brian Roberson has crafted application and infrastructure solutions for IBM, Levi Strauss, and General Motors. He has been with Barclays Global Investors (BGI) for more than nine years, leading the BGI software development team, delivering in-house built integrations and solutions for managing the IT landscape. He currently leads the IT release management function, providing central release policy, tooling, and execution services to support 700 applications across six business units.
Jan 7, 2010

This resource is no longer available.