To Block or Not. Is that the Question?

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There is a serious problem with today's enterprise networks--the users are in control.

IT workers--who ironically are equally at the root of this very problem--believe it is because the users are out of control. Users dare use new web-based applications and hence open up the network to unknown threats and force it to perform tasks it wasn’t designed to support. Clearly those users are wrong and so the answer to this traffic problem becomes easy. Just block it!

Users believe it is because the IT workers didn't design the network to allow them to just get their job done. They want to use the very applications they use as consumers outside the walls of their company because they're easy. It's their collaborative, "always-on" nature that makes them sticky and relevant. It/s in fact everything that the classic enterprise applications are not known, easy to use, and always connected to the rest of the world. Clearly IT is wrong and so the answer to this problem becomes easy. Just don't block it!

Palo Alto Networks
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 1, 2009
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