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The Building Blocks for Private Cloud: Automation, Virtualization, and Cloud Service Management


EMA research shows very clearly that virtualization and automation are building blocks that help deliver the high-value outcomes of cloud computing, like rapid service delivery, hardware independence, and improvements in resource efficiency. However, virtualization and automation cannot provide the full benefits of a private cloud.

Cloud service management, and in particular a Service Catalog, is a critical building block in the EMA private cloud maturity model. The Service Catalog provides the "front office" for private cloud, including the important customer-facing aspects such as on-demand self-service, standards for resource pool allocation, user-driven service levels, and pay-per-use billing. It becomes the means for service providers and IT shops to implement e-commerce within a private cloud, much like Amazon has leveraged its online consumer retail expertise in selling public cloud services to enterprises.

In this paper you will learn how many software vendors have focused on providing the "back office" technology for cloud computing and private cloud infrastructure. As a leading provider of Service Catalog products that help IT run as a business, newScale, now part of Cisco, is one of the few providers that have emerged with solutions for the "front office" of the private cloud. newScale has brought to market a well thought-out solution for enabling the IT storefront for the private cloud, including a self-service portal, a menu of service options, lifecycle tracking for services requested, and financial management for billing. Read on to learn more about the building blocks of a successful private cloud.

newScale, Inc.
03 May 2010
03 May 2010
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This resource is no longer available.