Using Social Search to Drive Innovation through Collaboration

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Planning for any enterprise initiative requires vision. But what if true visionaries are not on the team to focus the project on the right objectives and the right sequence of steps? If you are challenged to get the vision right, this paper offers ideas to inspire a new vision, one that embraces social computing. Specifically, it is about how collaborative search can impact innovation in any vertical industry or segment of an enterprise. It is partly about seeing a clear pathway to success and knowing what you define as success. It is also about seeking and leveraging solutions that are appropriate to a particular outcome and will be enthusiastically adopted in your organization.

This paper by Lynda Moulton, lead analyst for Enterprise Search The Gilbane Group, will try to help you strike a balance between solid business thinking and explosive enthusiasm for any new technology option with 2.0 in the description. Our goal is to give you a new way of looking at old challenges.

This paper will try to answer:

  • Why are transformational technologies worth adopting?
  • What are some key concepts that help contribute to social computing?
  • How does social search contribute to innovation?
  • Where do BI and search meet in the enterprise?
  • What are the business outcomes we seek from social search experiences?
  • How is social search being leveraged in different industries?
Vivisimo, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 22, 2009
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