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Podcast: Notebooks vs. Netbooks: Matching Form with Function


Since their introduction in 2007, small form-factor netbooks have experienced a strong demand and growth rate as consumers and business users adopt them as highly-portable primary and in many cases secondary systems. Shipments of these systems have nearly doubled from 16.4m in 2008 to an expected 32.7m this year. Users are attracted by their low price (sub-$650), abilities to easily make use of the Internet and Web-based applications, long battery life, and reasonably-sized screen. Businesses especially like these small systems since they are affordable and can be used to extend computer resources and applications to a wider group of people within an organization.

Despite the attraction, though, netbooks do have limitations in terms of processing power, storage, and applications capabilities. In selecting an appropriate system, users first have to look at what they want to accomplish in terms of both personal and business objectives, and then find the right systems match to meet current and future needs. In many cases, netbooks may not be the best choice for a primary mobile computing platform, and may be better suited as a secondary or supplemental system for lightweight on-the-road productivity.

Craig Mathias, a mobile expert, will examine the pros and cons of netbooks and larger format notebook systems, and discuss how changing user preferences, workstyles and applications are affecting the design and everyday use of small-format mobile systems.


Craig Mathias Principal - Farpoint Group Craig J. Mathias is a Principal with Farpoint Group, a wireless and mobile advisory firm based in Ashland, MA. The company works with manufacturers, network operators, enterprises, and the financial community in technology assessment and analysis, strategy development, product specification and design, product marketing, program management, education and training, and the integration of emerging technologies into new and existing business operations, across a broad range of markets and applications. Craig is an internationally-recognized expert on wireless communications and mobile computing technologies, and has published numerous technical and overview articles on a variety of topics. He is a frequent writer on technology topics, with blogs and columns appearing in major trade publications.
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21 Dec 2009
Dec 21, 2009

This resource is no longer available.