Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence Done Right: The Secret Sauce is SaaS

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Mid-sized companies and many operational areas within larger companies have been underserved by traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions deployed by IT. A Software as a Service (SaaS) BI solution can deliver a quick, cost-effective approach to equip everyone making daily operational decisions with the timely, relevant information they need. And Web 2.0 and innovative analytic technologies ensure the user community can quickly take advantage of the new operational BI capabilities SaaS delivers to be much more self-sufficient, reducing the load on IT.

In this Presentation Transcript, featuring James Kobielus, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research and Wayne Morris, CEO of myDIALS, find out how SaaS BI allows for better decision-making. Topics also include:

  • The business drivers for a new self-service BI model
  • What functionality is required to deliver self-service, operational BI
  • Delivery models and implications for IT resources and environment
  • Best practices in deploying the operational BI solution across your user communities

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myDIALS Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 18, 2009
Presentation Transcript
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