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Green Storage: Metrics and measurement for management insight With Greg Schulz

An IT department's job is not just to ensure that the organization's data is efficiently stored, served, and protected. Rather, a truly effective IT department provides knowledge of how the business is running, or how the business is using the data IT is tasked with managing.

The drivers of this knowledge are IT metrics. Metrics indicate how resources are being used, can provide benchmarks for comparison after optimization initiatives, can be combined into compound metrics for even more granular analysis, and more. The key is to know what metrics are relevant for various optimizations, and how to use them to manage storage.

This videocast goes in-depth into IT metrics with examples and advice for how they can be used to manage storage. It covers compound metrics, provides best practices for identifying the correct metrics for your optimization goals, and gives further tips for optimizing storage systems.


Greg Schulz Founder of the Server and StorageIO Group

Greg Schulz is founder of the Server and StorageIO Group, an IT industry advisory and consultancy firm. He has worked as a programmer, systems administrator, disaster recovery consultant, server/storage architect and capacity planner for various IT organizations. Schulz is also author of the books Resilient Storage Network (Elsevier) and The Green and Virtual Data Center (CRC).

17 Dec 2009

This resource is no longer available.