Presentation Transcript: Picking the Right Thin Client

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All thin clients kind of look the same, right? They're small, plastic, and have no moving parts. But how do you really pick the "right" thin client? We're not talking about Model X versus Model Y. We’re talking about underlying technologies in the thin client devices themselves. Do you want a device that runs an embedded version of Windows or Linux? Or do you want a "thin" device that gets a streamed OS? What about media processing capabilities? Do you buy a more expensive general purpose thin client, or a cheap one with a media co-processor? What about so-called "zero clients?" And let's not forget management!

In this presentation transcript, industry experts Gabe Knuth and Brian Madden will talk about all the different types of thin clients out there and help you decided which is best for your own environment. They'll cut through the hype to help you understand the difference between the $100 thin clients and the $600 thin clients, and when you should spend the money and when you should save it.

Pano Logic, Inc
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 16, 2009
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