Securing Virtualized Data Centers

Securing Virtualized Data Centers


The very concept of the datacenter and how to protect and secure the integrity of the infrastructure is being transformed. On the surface, virtualized datacenters appear to have all of the same vulnerabilities and security challenges as conventional datacenters. In a conventional datacenter, you can achieve a baseline of security by locking servers behind strong doors, protecting network access by a perimeter firewall and hardware-based intrusion detection and prevention systems.


With virtual machines, new challenges minimize the effectiveness of these protections. Virtual machines require more than perimeter security because of the dynamic way in which VMs can easily be moved, created and replicated among physical servers.


As virtual environments become more complex, it becomes more difficult to maintain security along with audit trails that enable compliance. Virtual management systems enable virtual machines to zoom across virtual networks, losing their security context and opening the possibility of VMs on the same server attacking each other.


Enterprises are further challenged by the need to develop and enforce coherent security policies for servers that run virtualized mission-critical applications within dynamic environments.


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Trend Micro, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 14, 2009
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