PC-Disable Delivers Intelligent Client-Side Protection for Lost or Stolen Notebooks

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Keeping data secure in a mobile environment is not just a daunting challenge, but a critical requirement. Loss and theft of notebooks computers leaves sensitive data vulnerable, while financial and legal exposure causes additional problems and disruptions to business. In addition, companies must comply with increasingly stringent regulations in data security and privacy.

Computrace, a leading IT asset-management and security solution from Absolute&#174 Software, now takes advantage of Intel&#174 Anti-Theft Technology (Intel&#174 AT). Intel AT enhances existing Absolute solutions by adding client-side intelligence designed into notebook hardware, to detect potential theft and respond. Computrace has tradi-tionally allowed IT administrators to remotely delete data on the system. Enabled by Intel AT, Computrace now also allows IT administrators to remotely (via client notification) or automatically (via client-side intelligence)lock down a system quickly in case of loss, theft, or suspicious circumstances. Reactivation after PC Disable is easy – a key advantage of the Computrace solution is that the lock down is not a data-destruct process. The user or IT administrator can easily restore a notebook to typical working condition by entering a one-time reactivation token (provided by IT).

IT now has a local, tamper-resistant defence that works even if the OS is reimaged, the hard drive is replaced, or the notebook is disconnected from the network (via timer expiry). Over time, the integration of this hardware-based technology with the robust Computrace solution could also help reduce the incidence of theft, since a notebook that disables itself also becomes less attractive to steal. The result can be better protection of assets and sensitive data on notebooks, rapid reactivation when systems are returned, and reduced business risk.

Feb 8, 2021
Dec 14, 2009
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