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Turning Virtual Sprawl into a Good Thing


Virtualization offers compelling business advantages. It can reduce your capital expenditures (CapEx), give you greater benefits from resources that you have already invested in, and give you more flexibility in applying those resources to the business services that are most critical to your enterprise. However, because virtualization introduces management complexity into an already complex environment, it can also drive up operational expenditures (OpEx).

The key to getting the benefits and avoiding the risks is obtaining detailed visibility into all the elements and interdependencies of your virtual infrastructure. Traditional, manual techniques of mapping IT environments won't work--they are error-prone and cumbersome, and the results are incomplete and quickly out of date.

What dynamic virtualized IT environments need instead is automated discovery and dependency mapping (DDM). With a solution that discovers virtualization hypervisors and their environments, you can track and control configurations, understand the risks posed by proposed changes, and--when problems occur--know which business processes are affected.

Read this paper for information about HP's comprehensive DDM solution.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
10 Dec 2009
09 Dec 2009
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This resource is no longer available.