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Mobile Security Report 2009


Attempts to make the mobile ecosystem more user friendly have shown early signs of success. New players in evolving markets have successfully managed to close the gap with more developed markets, both in terms of the breadth of mobile service offerings and the range of devices available to subscribers.


Regardless of international consolidation, however, there have been few innovations anywhere able to generate significant new revenue streams. Despite ongoing efforts to grow the market with new services and functionality, voice and data access remain the main revenue generators—though often with less attractive returns than a few years ago. At the same time, barriers to entry have emerged that prevent the development of new business models.


One of these barriers is security.


Attacks on mobile networks and devices have grown in number and sophistication. This has had a negative impact on how market participants perceive the reliability of existing mobile security solutions. This is particularly apparent in the areas of mobile payments and mobile commerce (m-commerce). Devices, applications, and even networks are not sufficiently secured to allay users’ concerns.


For many respondents to our survey, device manufacturers are seen as being in the frontline when it comes to providing security. They are at the forefront of balancing control with innovation, a dynamic that often determines the mobile ecosystem for as long as a complete lifecycle of a given device. This is why the McAfee Mobile Security Report 2009 is taking a closer look at manufacturers’ security experiences, their concerns and priorities, and their approach to the major security challenges that lie ahead of them in the near future.


We hope you find the McAfee Mobile Security Report 2009 interesting and valuable.

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08 Dec 2009
07 Dec 2009
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This resource is no longer available.