Service Management Virtual Simulation (tool)

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The Simulator is a virtual experience that utilizes Kolb's experiential learning methodology to allow participants to actively participate in the learning experience. Description: Imagine a company where everyone talks to everyone else. The business managers have a formal process where they can easily report business affecting issues. The IT department knows exactly what is happening within its own team as well as understanding all aspects of the business. Your business and IT budgets are well managed. Service Level Agreements (SLA) are defined and adhered to. All your customers are satisfied customers, continually coming back to you for repeat business. Just imagine! How about running that company? Well you can. Leverage the IBM ISM virtual Simulator, where you will have a pivotal role in a shipping and logistics company. You will be under pressure to make a profit, you will need to align your operation to business best practices such as ITIL, and you will need to work as a team to be the best at solving the business issues and adhere to the agreed SLAs.

Feb 8, 2021
Dec 7, 2009
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