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Managed Public Key Infrastructure: Securing Your Business Applications


To operate business-critical applications over the Internet, enterprises need high-level, certificate-based security provided by a public key infrastructure (PKI). PKI protects applications that demand the highest level of security, enabling online banking and trading, Web services-based business process automation, digital form signing, enterprise instant messaging, and electronic commerce. In addition, it protects firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), directories, and enterprise applications. The PKI should offer comprehensive functionality, integrate easily with internal and external applications, scale to millions of users, operate flawlessly 24/7, and ensure military-grade physical security. In addition, it should allow enterprises to easily create communities of trust with partners, customers, and suppliers.


The VeriSign® Managed PKI service is an outsourced offering that enables enterprises of any size to rapidly and confidently deploy PKI services. It alleviates the burden of planning, building, and maintaining a PKI, while allowing enterprises to maintain internal control over digital-certificate issuance, suspension, and revocation. Using the Managed PKI service, enterprises can securely move valuable data online to lower costs, streamline processes, and strengthen relationships with partners, customers, and suppliers.

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03 Mar 2010
01 Dec 2005
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This resource is no longer available.