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Survival Guide: Securing Networks without Borders Show


In today’s era of borderless networks, minimizing your exposure to outside threats is more essential than ever. In this video, find out how to reduce the potential attack surfaces available to data thieves without buying any new hardware or software. Learn the latest methods employed by hackers to gain access to your network and show you how to eliminate these threats.Learn the simple, fundamental steps to take right now to strengthen your network security using the foundational technologies you already have. View this video now to learn about:

  • How intruders “firewalk” your firewalls and how to stop them
  • How unused protocols and ports can emit valuable information about your network
  • Why headend routers have suddenly become the “entry point of choice” for hackers and how to lock them down


Robb Boyd Cisco Solution Expert

Robb Boyd is a 10 year veteran of Cisco starting in the field as a territory sales manager, he is now the Managing Editor and host for the Cisco Interaction Network which currently includes the flagship technical web based TV show: TechWiseTV. These shows have earned multiple awards both within Cisco as well as within the online media industry at large.

Jimmy Ray Purser Cisco Solution Expert Jimmy Ray Purser has been an active participant of the information technology (IT) community for more than 19 years, with particular emphasis on local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) infrastructure hacking. He is an active member in the IEEE and the Ethernet Alliance and has an avid following on his blogs, "Networking Geek to Geek" and Network Sheriff.
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Nov 20, 2009

This resource is no longer available.