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Regulatory Requirements Driving Enterprise Role and Entitlement Management

Learn how the requirements from various regulations like HIPAA, state privacy laws, and PCI DSS drive the use of role management technology to enable compliance. In this presentation, Richard Mackey summarizes the technological components that support compliance-focused role management and reveals:

  • How to address the complexity of multiple sources of identity
  • How roles can be modeled to allow effective management of authorization
  • A recommended approach for defining roles
  • A strategy for integrating IAM technology into the enterprise


Richard E. Mackey Jr ISACA/CISM - Vice President of Consulting, SystemsExperts Richard E. "Dick" Mackey is a leading authority on enterprise security architecture and compliance. He has helped many organizations, from online retailers and application service providers to major manufactures assess and improve their security and compliance programs. He has advised leading Wall Street firms on governance and policy, security architecture, identity management, and intrusion detection and analysis. Prior to joining the consultancy SystemExperts, Mackey was the director of collaborative development for The Open Group (the merger of the Open Software Foundation and X/Open). Prior to the merger, he was the Technical Lead of the OSF Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) project. Mackey has been a frequent speaker at conferences and a regular contributor to major publications on topics such as PCI, HIPAA, and GLB compliance, security standards, identity management, and service-oriented architecture security.
Guardium, an IBM Company
20 Nov 2009

This resource is no longer available.