How Application Whitelisting Can Increase Your Desktop Security

How Application Whitelisting Can Increase Your Desktop Security


There was once a time when many computer professionals relied solely on one technology for protecting their computers and networks. But today, most well-developed organizations use a collection of several technologies, methodologies and products, each to protect against a particular threat. The concept of a layered protection strategy – or “defense in depth” – is fairly well known, but many IT professionals are overlooking what can be one of the strongest layers of defense available – application whitelisting.

No single technology guarantees security, but application whitelisting covers situations not addressed by firewalls or anti-virus utilities. This webcast focuses on:

  • How application whitelisting is effectively used as an important layer in a security scenario
  • How whitelisting compliments, enhances and augments existing defenses
  • Limitations and difficulties inherent in various existing defenses


Byron Hynes CISSP Byron Hynes is an infrastructure and security specialist with over 25 years in IT and related fields. He has a proven track record in managing cross-group projects and initiatives and sound communication skills, as a technical writer, conference speaker and trainer. Byron has worked with small startups, non-profits, mid-size companies and the largest enterprises, including Microsoft, where Byron helped to create Windows Server 2008, working on features like BitLocker and Authorization Manager.
Nov 19, 2009
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