New Enterprise Desktop E-Zine Volume 2: User Virtualization - The Final Layer

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One barrier to the mass adoption of desktop virtualization is that users are often reluctant to surrender their highly personalized profiles. This issue takes a look at how user virtualization is breaking through this barrier-without taking away users' individuality. A data center is only as strong as its weakest endpoint. Windows Server 2008 R2's Remote Desktop Services combines terminal services and VDI to bolster endpoints and facilitate management. But it's not perfect. Read about all its highs and lows. Confusion still swirls around the catch phrase "cloud computing." Adding "public" or "private" to that can be further dizzying. Clear the air on cloud computing terms and how they relate to you, and then follow this phased approach to install a private cloud.

Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 17, 2009
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