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Webcast: Turning Virtual Sprawl Into a Good Thing


Virtualization impacts modeling, capacity planning and "what if" analysis because most tools are unable to discover and document virtual workloads and their dependencies. What is needed is a new technology that can discover hypervisors, document workloads, and capture the details of their environments. HP Software offers automated discovery and dependency mapping (DDM). Learn how you can track and control configurations, model and test proposed changes, and do failure analysis.


Join this webinar to learn about a comprehensive DDM solution, proven in complex physical environments and compatible with leading virtualization software, that:


  • Discovers and documents your virtual environment
  • Highlights dependencies across layers
  • Works with traditional physical environment management tools
  • Part of the HP virtualization management suite


HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping can be your key to the effective management of your virtual infrastructure, helping to make sure that you can gain the benefits of virtualization without increasing cost and risk.


David Jasso Product Marketing Manager, HP Software David joined HP Software in 2000 where he has held positions in program management, product management, solutions and product marketing. In 2003 David led the effort to acquire Novadigm Software. He has been responsible for marketing HP software to the Financial Services Sector and is currently responsible for product marketing of HP Universal CMDB and HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping. Irving Nam Product Marketing Manager, HP Software Irving joined HP Software in 2006 through the Mercury Interactive acquisition where he held positions in customer support, research & development, and product marketing. He is currently a member of the product marketing team for HP Universal CMDB and HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Dec 10, 2009, 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.